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  Why should you develop a sustain-able energy community?
  Assesing the potential for developing a sustainable energy community!
  Selecting the right solutions in relation to your potential!
  Creating incentives to implement your solutions!
  Needed actions to implement your solutions?
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  SEC Toolbox - Status & potential

  STATUS & POTENTIAL - Assessing the potential for developing a sustainable energy community!
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The energy balance will show the current consumption, transmission, distribution, production and import of energy in the community as well as current supply and availability of fuel resources.

It as a source for calculating current and future value figures, particular with regard to energy savings and environmental emissions and as such serves to determine the quantitative effects of the local energy policy and the individual measures.

  The BALANCE project financed by IEE is assessing which software tool, data base and methodology is best for the particular needs of local authorities in relation to generating of energy balances.



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