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Tool 2.3 - Renewable Energy Resource Assessment Back to status

The assessment of the current situation in the community will include a mapping of renewable energy resources and an evaluation of their potentials.

This will in general include:

  • An assessment of the efforts required for utilising the various resources, including works and technologies.
  • A price and pre feasibility assessment, which is closely related to the above-mentioned point. For example it may not be feasible to collect all wood resources, as not all of them are easy accessible, or the sun radiation is too low in relation to current technologies to make solar plants feasible etc.

Potential RES may include:

Biomass energy: Use of organic material as fuel and conversion of biomass energy into heat and electricity or as a transport fuel.

Solar Thermal: Conversion of sun energy into heat

Solar Photovoltaic (PV): Conversion of sun energy into electricity

Geothermal: Energy taken from heat coming from the centre of the earth

Small Hydro Power: Energy from the downward vertical movement of water due to gravity

Wind Energy: Conversion of wind into heat and power

Information Sources  

SEC Tools: Spreadsheet for calculation of bioenergy potential

Used parameters are related to the conditions in Brandenburg (Germany)



ID-Number: 2.3.1
Name: Assessment of biomass potential
Date: June 2008
Type: Spreadsheet model
Language: English, German
Developer: CEBRA, Germany
Contact Data:


An Excel-based sheet for the assessment of the biomass potential.

The user may indicate hectars of available forest and agricultural area (column E) with different crops as well as their specific average yield (column G). As result appears the information on available biomass potential, that means the quantity of raw material (column I). The next information for the user is the energy potential for supplying (column K).

Furthermore it gives an idea how much living space (column Q) you are able to power with this energy quantity. The user may also change his specific consumption of energy (column S).

The overwiev is upgradable for further crops and fuels.

ID-Number: 2.3.2
Name: WindPRO
Type: Module-based software model
Language: Various languages
Developer: EMD
Contact Data:


WindPRO is a Windows 2000/XP/Vista modular based software suite for the design and planning of both single WIND turbines and wind farms. WindPRO is based on more than 20 years of experiences in development of user-friendly software tools for wind energy project development.

The different modules in WindPRO are fully integrated, which means that a change in input data in one of the modules will automatically been recorded on all other modules and your project calculations will be revised accordingly.

One of WindPRO's significant strengths is that the programme can be installed with different languages and furthermore, reports may be printed in a fairly large number of languages.

The WindPRO software package consists of several modules, each with specific purpose. The user is free to combine the modules exactly to demand and budget. Additional modules can always be ordered as needed. Below the entire software package is shown, to view a module description please select module.


Information Sources:

IEA: Educational web site on Biomass and Bioenergy


A global overview of renewable energy sources


International Renewable Energy Agency


EU, Agriculture and Rural Development Bioenergy


European Biomass Industrial Association


European Wind Energy Association



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