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  STATUS & POTENTIAL - Assessing the potential for developing a sustainable energy community!
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The planning process must be based on detailed knowledge of the market conditions.

In this connection market analysis tools should assist local communities in forecasting the energy consumption and an assessing the future requirements at various end-user groups e.g. regarding the conditions under which energy could be supplied (prices, responsibilities, services, quality etc.). Further the market analysis must provide a picture of various problems and barriers prevailing at the end-user groups.

It may contain calculation of the energy demand and concepts for taking into account various factors, patterns and trends affecting the future energy consumption, both in relation to the assessment of the energy demand as well as in the general market analysis. These are factors such as local economic development, demographic development, regional and city development, energy saving measures, legal framework, price development, competition between energy suppliers etc.

 Transplan project (IEE): Example of market analysis (planning tool) 



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