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SEC Toolbox

A core part of the action concerned elaboration of generic  tools, a ‘Toolbox’ with a view to encourage qualified sustainable energy thinking and practice.

The SEC-Toolbox aims at guiding and supporting various stakeholders along the process of planning and developing a sustainable energy community.

The SEC Tools project has identified the needs for various kinds of tools and on this background identified, evaluated and modified existing tools. To some extent, new tools have been developed.

The on-line English Internet version includes several downloadable guidelines (booklets), links, videos, on-line guidance, list of tools, news etc.

It is a brut list of tool categories (25 sub categories under 6 main categories) forming a basis for local tool-boxes in the individual project countries adapted to local needs and conditions.

In relation to the toolboxes existing tools were tested against the pilot projects, and new tools developed in accordance with identified needs. In addition to an overall biomass assessment tool these mainly considered several guidelines within energy management, energy saving measures and financing. In Lithuania a heat allocation methodology was developed, which during the process was approved by the Lithuanian Heat Tariff Commission as an official methodology in Lithuania.  




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