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SEC-Tools Pilot Actions

The SEC Tools project has included pilot actions in 9 selected communities respectively one in Latvia, three in Lithuania, one in Poland, one in the Czech Republic, two in Bulgaria and one in Eastern Germany.

The target areas of the pilot actions correspond to three main axes; the local policy making, the local energy citizenship (end-users) and the local energy market. These are axes along which a sustainable energy community has to develop in order to achieve its energy policy objectives. All three are closely interrelated, and they should all contribute to achieving common objectives in a balanced way.

The pilot actions included:

*        Feasibility studies of various development options within RES and EE measures

*        Assessment of RES potentials

*        Energy audits within public and residential buildings

*        Assessment of various financing options

*        Specific implementation of EE and RES measures

*        Various actions aiming at mobilising end-users, including videos, seminars, guidelines, meetings, consumer surveys etc.

These actions have first of all contributed to increase the communitiesí knowledge and awareness of various development options and have strengthened them in selecting the right options and prepare them for financing and implementation.

Furthermore some specific measures were implemented within the framework of the project which i.e. included:

*        A 5 MW wood biomass plant in Kaisiadorys, Lithuania

*        Renovation of five kindergartens in Karlovo, Bulgaria, based on ESCO contract

*        Renovation of a multi-apartment building in Kelme, Lithuania

In addition several of the study results were institutionalised trough official approvals etc. Examples of this include:

*        Lithuania: Successful heat allocation methodology developed and approved by Price Commission.

*        Czech Republic: Energy conception for Milevsko Region developed and approved, establishing an Energy Committee within the City

*        Brandenburg, Germany: Four energy communities established as a result of a competition among municipalities

*        Poland: Energy Plan for Ustka developed within the project and approved by the Municipal Board

*        Bulgaria: Results from energy audits and consumer surveys were adopted into the municipal energy efficiency programmes

*        Latvia: Implementation of energy management procedures within the Municipality of Ieceva

The drivers for implementing the pilot actions were partly legal requirements, e.g. requirements towards energy audits in public buildings and local energy planning. The assistance offered through the SEC Tools projects and local commitments among local stakeholders were other important drivers.   



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