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All together, the project team has undertaken a range of dissemination activities that have led to increased awareness and understanding of how to go about with sustainable energy practice.

A key lesson has been that it is not sufficient to provide tools and information in order to tricker real activities to happen. Communities need further guidance and assistance if to put sustainable energy high on the agenda and overcome the various barriers hindering uptake of SEC activity.

Thus the tools and information is to be accompanied by proactive efforts to encourage the stakeholders at community level to take the step from intentions to practical activities. 

Consequently, dissemination activities under SEC-Tools have been designed with a view to provide such ´chain of services’ that can make a difference. A good example of this is that in addition to making communities aware of the toolbox and other materials resulting of the action, the project team has operated a helpdesk that has enabled proactive contact with communities outside the consortium. This has proved an effective way of promoting SEC practice.  

Other dissemination activities under SEC-Tools have aimed at achieving more general awareness of SEC at society level. E.g. this has comprised dissemination of videos, good practice examples and a ´communication package’ with the project achievements and this way the project team has managed well with making also small communities aware of the benefits that SEC implementation can bring about.

Despite these achievements, there is still a lot to do in this area, having in mind the huge need for uptake of sustainable energy at community level. The lessons learnt under SEC-Tools in terms of how to pass on the message to local decision-makers in view of the existing opportunities and barriers can provide important input on how to design future support programmes in the field.



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