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Buildings are a large part of the problem, but can become part of the solution

A key part of the European Union's strategy to respond to the challenges of climate change and security of energy supplies is to achieve a substantial improvement in Europe's energy efficiency. Buildings are responsible for over 40% of all energy use and have the potential to deliver the most cost effective contribution of any policy measure aimed at this objective. 

A new EU Directive (127kb PDF) on the Energy Performance of Buildings (the EPBD) acknowledges that a step-change in policy is necessary, requiring each Member State to create a clear legislative framework, which will deliver the energy saving potential. The Directive calls for not just mandatory regulation of the energy efficiency of new and refurbished buildings but also, more radically, the energy certification (or labelling) of nearly all existing buildings.
Source: EPLabel

An energy certificate is to become an integral part of property transactions...

Energy certification has the potential to identify energy saving measures which, as well as reducing CO2 emissions, can lead to improved thermal and visual comfort for occupants, creating a healthier and more productive environment and greater occupant satisfaction. Improved energy performance and a better indoor environment can contribute to an increase in the asset value of the building.
Source: EPLabel

Building regulations have historically set minimum standards for new buildings to protect owners and occupiers against high fuel bills as well as contributing to broader energy policy objectives, including energy security. The EPBD aims to raise these issues also with everyone involved in the sale or rental of property. Starting in 2006, new and refurbished buildings and buildings on the market will need to carry energy certificates. Source: EPLabel

"Member States shall ensure that the certification of buildings and the drafting of the accompanying recommendations are carried out in an independent manner by qualified and/or accredited experts, whether operating as sole traders or employed by public or private enterprise bodies." 

(from Article 10 of the EPBD)

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Display Campaign: European Municipal Builidings Climate Campaign


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