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  Why should you develop a sustain-able energy community?
  Assesing the potential for developing a sustainable energy community!
  Selecting the right solutions in relation to your potential!
  Creating incentives to implement your solutions!
  Needed actions to implement your solutions?
Monitoring & evaluating your achievements!

  SEC Toolbox - Monitoring

  MONITORING - Monitoring & evaluating your achievements!

Monitoring Tools measures the progress of the SEC process and the impact from implemented measures.

  Energy Management
  Dissemination of energy management tools to control and monitor energy consumption at building level. A guideline would describe the various phases in energy management, including best practice organization at municipal and building level.
Tool 6.2 Energy Management
“The buildings sector accounts for 40% of the EU’s energy requirements. It offers the largest single potential for energy efficiency. Research shows that more than one-fifth of the present energy consumption and up to 30-45 MT of CO2/Y could be saved by 2010 by applying more ambitious standards to new and when refurbishing buildings – which represents a considerable contribution to meeting the Kyoto targets. © European Communities, 1995-2007


An overview of the energy management process and guidelines for establishing and operating energy management is presented in:
Conducting energy management should reflect the national legal framework following EU directives related to energy efficiency in buildings. See:
Some practical tools facilitating energy management are presented in the section:
A number of examples on good practice and links to banks of information are provided:
As to Energy Labelling of Buildings the following information has been gathered:
Tool 6.2.5 Energy Labelling


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