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These tools support communities in entering into arrangements with private service providers.

Involvement of private service companies (third parties) can function as essential means of removing barriers and improve communication and co-operation between the public and the private sector.

Arrangements with third parties are characterized by the sharing of investment, risk, responsibility and reward between the service provider and the client

Third party financiers are often referred to as “Energy Service Companies” or ESCOs, which are businesses designed to prepare, design, build, install, operate and maintain energy efficiency projects. There are various ways of involving ESCOs, but typically services are provided through an Energy Performance Contract.

The building owners and the ESCO agree to use future energy savings to pay for the entire cost of energy efficiency projects.

The ESCO will also guarantee that the energy savings – which may be achieved, will pay for all project costs.

Energy service companies have mainly been established by private companies but the possibility of establishing locally rooted energy service companies involving e.g. local authorities, end-users and local market actors as stakeholders, is also an option

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4.5.1 Guidelines on Third Party Financing/Energy Services

No.   Title   Download Link
4.5.1   SEC Tools - Guideline on EPC methodology   -   Download the guideline here
4.5.2 ESCO for Public Entities
pdf /IMG/pdf/
performance_ contracting_en.pdf
4.5.3 EUROCONTRACT European Platform for promotion of EPC -
4.5.4   PU BENEFS ESCO in public builidngs   -
4.5.5   Solar Thermal ESCO Tools   -


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