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List of tools

These tools serve in providing an overview of the various financing options and techniques adjusted to the energy sector, and are intended for e.g. local decision makers, municipal authorities, energy suppliers and private partners to help them choose financing options that suit best in their particular circumstances.

In this context there is a need for guidance on how to develop a project in relation to the various financing options, e.g. description of the major steps in project development: Identification, feasibility study, financial application, business plan, and implementation. Various financing institutions have developed such guidelines in relation to their financing schemes. As to financial analysis and business plans, which are important parts of the financing process, please also refer to Tool no.4.4.


List of Tools
No.   Title   Download Link
4.3.1   A Guide to EBRD Financing   pdf
4.3.2 How-to Guide on Local Sources of
Financing for Energy Efficiency

Download Guidebook

4.3.3 IEE Clearsupport - Financing tools for RUE in buildings
4.3.4 Energy Efficiency Financing in Romania pdf 

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