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In general lack of awareness prevents end-users from behaving in an energy conscious and environmentally responsible way. And often end-users are unable to invest in EE and RES measures due to financial and organizational constraints and lack of capacity to develop projects.

In the light of these facts the tools under this category aim at measures inducing a change in present behaviors and in encouraging end-users in being actively involved in the development and implementation of projects.

  The mobilization of end-users would partly relate to other tool categories, e.g.
  The energy planning concept should define the proper involvement of end-users in the planning process (SEC Board, working groups, hearings, campaigns etc.)
The guidelines on service companies (PPS) should define the proper relations between end-users and service companies. This also includes assessing the involvement of end-users as shareholders in such companies.
 Energy management tools.
Other ways of involving end-users could be:
Active involvement of end-users in demo projects.
Advisory services to end-users through local energy centers
Promotion campaigns addressed to end-users


Links to various information and tools:

 Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign
A European Campaign to change the landscape of energy: Sustainable Energy Europe is a European Commission initiative in the framework of the Intelligent Energy - Europe Programme, which will contribute to achieve the European Union's energy policy targets within the fields of renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, clean transport and alternative fuels.

 Energy Neighbourhoods

How significant savings can be made in both money and carbon through simple changes in behavior (project supported by IEE).

 Danish Electricity Saving Trust

Tools for awareness raising among residential end-users.


Awareness raising related to energy management.

 Energy Saving Trust (UK)

Tools for awareness raising among local authorities.



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