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General introduction to Financing tools

Lack of access to financial resources is considered one of the main barriers for implementing of EE and RES projects in the new EU member states. This can be related to economic factors such as loan limitations (e.g. in relation to the municipal budgets), lack of transparency in accounts, missing cash flow due to non-paying consumers and debt burdens. Furthermore there is a general lack of subsidies for investments and lack of re-investment of savings into energy efficiency measures and RES development.

Organizational barriers consist of lack of development strategies, inappropriate organizational structures, lack of awareness of financing mechanisms and lack of capability to prepare proper business plans and financing applications.

General barriers for RES and RUE projects is that current energy prices often do not reflect all the costs of energy and that RES and RUE investments is often small-scale, compared to investments to conventional energy supply-side investments, which make them less attractive to financing institutions.

The financing tools serve to assist the communities in

• Gain knowledge on all phases connected with procuring financing
• Perform Financial analysis
• Gain knowledge of financing models, including various concepts of Public Private Partnerships
• Establish an overview of financing options
• Enter into financial arrangements



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