SEC Toolbox
  Why should you develop a sustain-able energy community?
  Assesing the potential for developing a sustainable energy community!
  Selecting the right solutions in relation to your potential!
  Creating incentives to implement your solutions!
  Needed actions to implement your solutions?
Monitoring & evaluating your achievements!

  SEC Toolbox - Context

  CONTEXT - Why and how should you develop a Sustainable Energy Community?
Benefits for your community Back to context
  A SEC process would impact the local Community by?

Increasing use of renewable energy


Improving energy efficiency


Improving local environment


Improving comfort


Improving employment


Improving competitiveness


Attracting investors


Attracting financing


Attracting new people to the community


Improving economy and welfare


Improving visibility of the community


Facilitating meeting national or international requirements


Engaging the community in international co-operation



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