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  CONTEXT - Why and how should you develop a Sustainable Energy Community?
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Energy planning is in this context defined to embraces the whole process of developing SECs in communities.

The first generation of local energy plans have been prepared in many communities, but they are primarily focused on the supply side, and especially on coordination of the gas and the DH market.

The great scope for implementing EE measures at the demand side is from far integrated properly in the planning process. Further there is often a too little focus on the implementation of measures and seen in relation to the various barriers and constraints. Often the local communities lack regulatory means and capability to stimulate and mobilize the local market actors and energy citizens.

Consequently some important aspects in connection with the energy planning concept includes:

- Inclusion of the demand-side in the energy planning process.
- The practical implementation of the energy plan.

The guideline to the energy planning process would include:

- An overview and description of the various phases in local energy planning, including the role of the various stakeholders and an overview of the investigations, analyses and decision
processes to be carried out within each of the phases.
- An overview and description of steps and tools needed to implement the measures proposed by the energy plan.

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