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  Why should you develop a sustain-able energy community?
  Assesing the potential for developing a sustainable energy community!
  Selecting the right solutions in relation to your potential!
  Creating incentives to implement your solutions!
  Needed actions to implement your solutions?
Monitoring & evaluating your achievements!

  SEC Toolbox - Context

  CONTEXT - Why and how should you develop a Sustainable Energy Community?
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Developing a vision is a good basis for developing a sustainable energy community.

Through a vision the community defines its ultimate motivation, its dreams, and its images of a desired future sustainable energy community.

The SEC vision may take many different forms. In strategic terms the vision expresses the long-term objectives/goals.

Typically, the vision take the form of brief ‘vision statements’ like (examples):

‘NN Community – we are all committed to energy sustainability’

‘NN Community wants to be acknowledged by our inhabitants, country fellows and in the wider EU as one of the most advanced energy sustainable communities’. This encompass ….’

‘Our vision on energy sustainability shall be the driver for attracting tourists and companies producing energy sustainable products to the benefit of the citizens, the environment and:

   SEC Tools Example from Energy region Lausitz-Spreewald, Germany

  Sustainability is most often defined as
"meeting the needs of the present without com-promising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

Source: World Commission on Environment and Development



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