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  Why should you develop a sustain-able energy community?
  Assesing the potential for developing a sustainable energy community!
  Selecting the right solutions in relation to your potential!
  Creating incentives to implement your solutions!
  Needed actions to implement your solutions?
Monitoring & evaluating your achievements!

  SEC Toolbox - Context

  CONTEXT - Why and how should you develop a Sustainable Energy Community?
To start the whole process all the relevant stakeholders need to be convinced of the idea: What is a sustainable energy community and which are the benefits for the community?

Development of SEC's are considered feasible in the international context as one of the means to combat climate changes, but at the same time a sustainable energy community would bring some clear benefits to the community.

Having decided to develop a SEC it is important to be aware of all the external factors that will affect the planning process such as local, national and international policies and requirements, development trends, legal frameworks etc.

A vision must be developed from the very beginning defining in broader terms in which direction to go. The vision and goals will determine which energy strategies will ultimately be chosen.

Useful tool categories supporting this process would include:

Tool 1.1 General Guidelines
Tool 1.2 SEC Vision
Tool 1.3 SEC Planning Concept

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SEC Tools Guidelines:

  What is a Sustainable Energy Community?

  Benefits for the Community local SEC working organization

  Establishing the local SEC working organization



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