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Schraden, Brandenburg

The economic area of Schraden is an (formalized) association in a small area on the southern western edge of Brandenburg incorporating 4 municipalities and the city of Elsterwerda. It was formed as the basis for rural development projects under the European LEADER framework. Since the beginning of 2007 the area was enlarged to cover nearly the entire area of county Elbe-Elster to prepare for the new application period. The association also comprises of 33 enterprises of the area, 9 associations of all kind and 6 private persons. The board of directors is made up of leading responsible representatives of the municipalities and few enterprises like mayors, heads of departments and directors.

SEC Tools pilot actions in Schraden

The Lusatia region is historically based on brown coal mining and has decided to develop its renewable potential, based on wind energy, crops and solar energy.

The economic area of Schraden is an (formalized) association in a small area on the Southern Western edge of Brandenburg incorporating 4 municipalities and the City of Elsterwerda. It was formed as the basis for rural development projects under the European Leader framework.

Sustainable Energy Action Plan

Brandenburg coat of arms.

Due to the area’s status as a rural area much emphasis was put on biomass aspects. The agricultural biomass energy potential is approx. 8 times higher than the forest one. However, only 6% of this potential is utilised.

During the SEC Tools project many meetings were carried out with representatives from the municipalities in order to gain knowledge of forthcoming planning prospects; and assessing the current knowledge and acceptance for the utilization of renewable energy technologies.

As a result six case studies were defined and prepared, comprising:

  • Assessment of the economic efficiency by the application of growing again raw materials in the fermentation gas plant in Bönitz.
  • Possibilities concerning fermentation gas plant for a farmer in Brottewitz.
  • Energy concept for municipal immovables of the town Ortrand.
  • Feasibility study for the conversion of a gas-fired school to wood chip heating and for decreasing the costs of heat supply for a school-complex in Prösen.
  • Energy plan for the whole area of Lusatia to support further formation of the Innovative Energy region Lusatia Spreeforest.
  • Creating the first step for a cluster of energy communities.

Local Energy Market

One of the important areas of know-how in the region regards the development of fast growing trees as a means of multi-purpose recultivation of former mining areas. In this context an investigation for establishing a producer cooperative for wood chips produced from fast growing trees was carried out. The investigation, which was made as a case study for two companies, indicated good prospects for such kind of local business.

Handling of biomass resources in Schraden.

Another pilot action was aiming at establishing a scheme for the assessment of biomass potential in the area supported by a spreadsheet model.

Mobilising End-users

A range of dissemination activities were directed towards end-users. The most specific activities comprised:

  • The common campaign “Energieland Lausitz”.
  • Energy forum for the Innovative Energy region Lusatia-Spreewald.
  • Cluster of energy communities.

The “Energieland Lausitz” campaign aimed at strengthening regional self consciousness for internal communication, supporting innovative projects and establishing networks of stakeholders. It included projects, educational activities, conferences & workshops, and exhibitions.

The „Energy forum“ included promotion of the innovative energy region Lusatia Spreewald at a national level – as a model for regional initiatives to meet the ambitious climate protection goals of the Federal Government.

As to the cluster of energy communities four motivated communities were identified to develop their own energy management concept and develop pilot projects within the renewable energy area. This was done though a competition among communities in the districts of Elbe-Elster as well as Lausitz-Spreewald.


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