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Southern Bohemian Region

Map of Czech Republic.

The Southern Bohemian Region is an area of about 627 thousand inhabitants. In the region is located 623 cities and villages and the region has contained 7 districts.

It is originally agricultural region with traditional scope of pond fish culture and forestry. Industry began to develop at the 20th century. The most famous energy construction of the region is atomic power plant Temelin.

There is a number of regional documents concerning environmental and energy issues in the Southern Bohemian Region.

The most important documents: Ground Plan of Large Territorial Unit Southern Bohemian Region, Territorial Energy Concept of Southern Bohemian Region.

Production of heat by RES is 4.8 % of total regional production. Official information of future share of RES is not publicized.

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Czech Republic

In Czech Republic several legislative documents are important. The most important is Act on Energy Management adopted in 2000 and Czech Energy Act (Act on Business Conditions and Public Administration in the Energy Sectors) adopted also in 2000. Act on Energy Management has contained enactment of obligation to create energy concept for regions and statutory cities (with territorial sphere of authority). Smaller cities have right to create it, but it is not obligatory. The existence of municipal energy concept is a condition to obtain subsidy regarding to an energy project. Many cities have valid energy concepts, but overview and exact number does not exist.

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SEC Tools pilot actions in Milevsko

Sustainable Energy Action Plan

The pilot activities mainly focused on strengthening the current planning process. This included:

  • Increased focus on the demand-side.
  • Establishment and mobilisation of an Energy Commission, involving major stakeholders.
  • Establishing cooperation with neighbour municipalities.
  • Elaboration of plans for modernisation of the district heating system.

The aim of the Energy Commission is to function as an expert body for decisions of the city management in the municipal energy policy and municipal energy management.

Ice hockey stadium in Milevsko.

The current state of the DH system is a major problem. The district heating is produced in an industrial steam plant owned by a private company. The district heating distribution network is owned by the Municipality and operated by a local private operator. The technology is old and relatively inefficient, but still able to generate district heat at reasonable costs.

During the project several attempts were done to initiate the reconstruction of the district heating system.

Local Energy Market

Energy audits were prepared for seven municipal building facilities and for the municipal district heating utility primary and secondary distribution network including heat exchangers.

The audits in buildings included an Ice hockey stadium, schools, a health center, a multi-apartment building and a boarding house for disabled people.

The audits were carried out in 2006 and action plans prepared and presented for municipal representatives and the energy council. Decisions for implementation are still pending, amongst other delayed by a municipal election.

Mobilising End-users

Various activities were carried out within the SEC Tools project to initiate interest for energy saving measures at end-users.

Major activities included seminars touching upon energy planning, energy saving measures and financing. In addition to end-users the seminars were attended by local and regional authorities, experts, manufacturers and energy suppliers.

In general the seminars were met by positive reactions from the participants and generated interest for preparation of energy saving projects.


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