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The main city of the region, Karlovo, is located 140 km to the east of Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital, and 56 km to the north of the second-largest city, Plovdiv. Karlovo is a medium-sized city of 29,000 located in a beautiful setting at the foot of the Balkan Mountains, in central Bulgaria. It’s famous for its rose festival every spring; it’s at the center of the Rose Valley, which provides attar for the perfume industry.

The Municipality of Karlovo is situated in the beautiful Roses Valley at the foot of the Stara Planina Mountains. As an administrative territorial unit it is located in the Northern part of the Plovdiv region.

The territory of the Municipality is 1,030 km, which accounts for 1% of the territory of Bulgaria.

62,235 inhabitants live in the district, 29,105 in the town of Karlovo.

Agriculture and forestry are very important to the region’s economy. Of the workable land, 38.94% is worked by independent farmers, 15.05% by farmers’ unions, and 46.01% is left untilled. 32.14% of the lands used by farmers are meadows. Thus, only 31.26% of the farmlands is being used. Due to the specific climate of the region the agriculture embraces wheat production, perfume-oil production, fruit-growing, grape-growing, potato-growing, etc. The stock-breeding activities in the region include cattle-breeding, swine-breeding, poultry and beekeeping.

School in Karlovo before renovation.

SEC Tools pilot actions in Karlovo

Sustainable Energy Action Plan

The Municipality is preparing for an improved planning process. This will be based on a methodology of integrated resources planning and the principles of sustainable energy development, with analysis, management and monitoring of the energy flows and development of performance indicators. The internalization of the environmental costs would be part of the local energy plan when choosing the primary source of energy to use for heat and electricity production.

Within the SEC Tools project much emphasis was put on development of Energy Efficiency Programs for 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and collection and analysis of data for energy consumption by households, transport, industry and agriculture.

Local Energy Market

School in Karlovo after renovation.

The pilot actions have mainly focused on energy audits in buildings and assistance on entering into ESCO contracts.

The energy audits have comprised five kindergartens, one children’s nursery, 5 school buildings and a hospital.

ESCO concepts has proven to be an efficient meaure in public buildings. Five kindergartens– have been renovated using the ESCO-concept. The imple-mented measures – improving the efficiency of the heating system and thermo-modernization of walls and roofs – decreased dramatically the specific energy consumption of the buildings from 388 to 119 KWh/m2/y or 105,000 Euro in the municipal budget.

Other pilot actions included a, feasibility study for the establishment of a 4.5 MW wind power plant and a feasibility study on the biomass potential within the Municipality.

Mobilising End-users

Pilot actions have included:

  • EE and RES survey among citizens.
  • Pilot energy education in two primary schools.
  • RES campaign for citizens.
  • SEC Tools Video on Karlovo.


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