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Iecava community is one of 553 municipalities in Latvia. It is located in the central part of Latvia, where meets plain of Zemgale and gentleness of Midland of Latvia. The area lies in the northern part of Bauska District. It is surrounded by Code, Davini, Mežotne, Stelpe, Vecumnieki communities of Bauska District and Sidrabene community of Jelgava District, Baldone rural territory of Riga District and Olaine city community.

Total area is 311,6 km2. Population is about 10 thousands. The territory of community consists of several settlements: Iecava, Dartija, Zalite, Zorgi, Rosme, Dzimtmisa and Misa.

The administrative center – Iecava, is located about 21 km from Bauska, 30 km from Jelgava and 45 km from Riga. More than 60% of inhabitants of community are living in Iecava.

Iecava coat of arms.

SEC Tools pilot actions in Iecava

Sustainable Energy Action Plan

The Municipality of Ieceva has within the period 2000 - 2006 carried out a comprehensive renovation of the energy production system, which has resulted in significant reduction of heat looses and stabilization of heating costs. There is still room for improvements through diversification of energy sources.

Many things remain to be done at the demand side, where investment costs are much higher, but potential savings – lower. The Municipality is planning to invest into energy efficiency improvements and energy management in public buildings, which consumes about 10% of total supplied energy.

Several activities were initiated within the scope of the SEC Tools project, including evaluation and updating of the municipal energy plan, data collection and feasibility studies of energy efficiency measures in public and residential buildings.

Taking into account an ongoing discussion about availability of renewable resources special attention were devoted to evaluation of renewable energy resources and results of certain forestry and agricultural researches targeted to solid biofuel production.

Local Energy Market

The most actual topic in the local energy market for the Municipality is prospectives for utilising the potential of local energy resources. Major emphasis has therefore been put on various assessments of local renewable resources, including:

  • Evaluation of the potential effect of increased wood consumption in the energy system in Iecava (an example of the most intense utilization of wood fuel in district heating in Latvia).
  • Studies on district heating development project in the rural areas.

The most significant share of renewable resources in the Iecevas area can be produced in forests. Total forest area in Iecava municipality is 13 th.ha (41% of the total area) and it's continues to grow because of reduction of agricultural activities.

Handling of biomass resources in Ieceva.

Mobilising End-users

Mobilizing of end-users has been considered one of the most important tasks in Ieceva within the scope of the SEC Tools Project. Passivity of the end-users and lack of financing opportunities are main obstacles for further development of the energy sector in Iecava.

Mobilising of the end-users within the scope of the SEC Tools project was concentrated on apartment houses and public buildings.

Actions carried out within the project included monitoring of the energy consumption in buildings (energy management) and elaboration of a video.

The monitoring system was based on a tailored spread sheet model and aimed at mobilizing end-users by giving them an overview of heat, electricity and water consumption patterns and saving potentials. This target was e.g. reached in a Boarding School, which decided to replace all windows based on evidence of energy savings from replacement of 25% of the windows earlier.

The video produced is focusing on the results from the reconstruction of the district heating system, the renovation of public buildings and the future plans. The video includes series of interviews of various stakeholders. It was shown twice in Latvian television.


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