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Events during the European Sustainable Energy Week

Under the umbrella of the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign (SEE), the European Institutions and major stakeholders concerned with sustainable energy are together putting on the second EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW).

It will take place in Brussels , Belgium , and in other cities across Europe from Monday 28 January to Friday 1 February, 2008.

"Boosting Sustainable Energy Communities across Europe " - 29/1/2008 am,
organised by Fedarene and Energie-Cités

Each community, with its own vision and specificities, could adopt the more convenient approach for its territory and has the capacity to give a local answer to its own stakes in sustainable energy development.

The Seminar "Boosting Sustainable Energy Communities across Europe" will give to decision makers, stakeholders and civil society at local and regional levels a testimony of sustainable energy development in Communities drawn from SEC-Tools and BELIEF experiences, two on-going IEE projects.

Practical information

  • EUSEW 2008 programme
  • Deadline for the registration: 09/1/2008 (mandatory registration for security reasons)



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